What Happened Last Should Inform What Happens First

*Checks Weather

This shoot was unbelievably Seattle. I woke up and checked my weather app to see a sunny 63 degrees. Then I looked out the window to aggressive overcasts and no trace of my daily dose of vitamin D (the sun) .

*Still gonna flex

A way I could describe my relationship with Seattle’s cloudy days is this. “Fine, i’ll be my sun”. Sure it sounds vain, but every time I feel a forecast related, spiraling depression, I look at my fit in my reflection and remind myself that I have to let the weather influence my vibe. In the end I control it. My look makes me happy so the weather can do what it wants…(That was for all my friends in Seattle experiencing our beautiful “Summer” weather).

This is the hard left…

The last two posts were crazy colorful so I decided to take a hard left. White and black. Its common knowledge that these are easy shades to work with, so I had to put my own flare on it. Believe it or not, you can take white and black patterns and pair them with similar ease.

Try me, cover the necklace.

Unrelated, here’s a quick exercise. Take your thumb and cover my face and my necklace in the picture above…does the outfit look unfinished? I recommend throwing dynamic accessories on top of a plain canvas, it normally brings everything together!

Make due with what you’ve got that’s my final tip for this fit! The first two variations of this fit are intended for warmer weather while the zip up (duh) is for these trash clouds. Either way, a simple alteration to your fit changes its utility…the weather doesn’t have to pull a Stalin (dictate) on your wardrobe decisions!

It could use something.

Each fit can prove a point! Between this fit and the next which do y’all prefer…which looks finished?

Time to compare…heh.

A teachable moment! The difference in the outfit lies in one of the guidelines I follow and referenced in my last post. I’ll leave that to you to figure out. If I just told ya you might not retain the advice. Its worth committing to memory!

The Rest is Up to You!

Needless to say, I love sharing! I’d love to see some of the outfits you all put together. Send me a picture of your fit for the 4th or anything really. I’ll give my impressions! Much Love y’all.