Details, Honey.

Welcome back y’all! This time around we’re talking about details. I’m sure some of you have heard, the devil is in them. So I guess we are trying to channel that energy…?

Lol…this ain’t it, changing the channel.

Details…details…details. First lets talk about the pants. My mom sent me a picture of these when she was out, (She’s got that vision) and I fell in love.

If the pants were just black and red they would be cool, but grays addition makes them amazing. On top of that the lining on the inside is white? Ugh.

I guess this is where I should remind ya’ll to explore your clothes. If I hadn’t rolled up the pant leg, I wouldn’t have discovered that I was given two styles for the price of one. Sure, curiosity killed the cat, but I’m POSITIVE it was a stylish death and that’s what we are all looking for right?

Better Channel.

I paired the pants with my favorite (and only) white sneaker, Converse, Jack Purcell’s. If anyone is looking for a white sneaker I highly recommend these.

  1. The construction really accentuates your ankles and doesn’t make your foot look like a flipper (Ducks foot).
  2. Also they’re easy to clean. If you aren’t gonna clean your white sneakers…don’t buy white sneakers fam, a not so humble opinion.
Bottom of the shirt lines up with the grey lining *Muah*

Next, a black, dual texture, asymmetric Tee from Zara. The shirt is nothing to overlook though, the varied fabrics and non-traditional hem line, really give it its own character without fighting the pants.

The pants really do all the work here. When you’ve got a piece this vibrant its cool to relax with the rest…or you can ignore everything I said in these last two paragraphs and F*** it all the way up.

You know Me.

This is definitely my “uniform” vibrant, fitted, intentional, and showing a little chest. Honestly, its totally unnecessary to go this far, but that’s my thing, I like to push it.

The point here is to show that with an eye for details, you can do almost anything. I’ll break it down.

The middle accessory in my hair, the lining of the dress shirt, the buttons on the dress shirt and my shoes are all gold. Usually when I am accessorizing I recommend reminding the eye of the theme.

That means my top, middle, and bottom all remind you “oh yeah, gold”

Genuinely looking at my Shoes.

The shoes…I love these things. I don’t get to use them very often for obvious reasons, but looordie looordie the red, cyan, green, and gold make them much more versatile than you’d expect. That’s why it works here, the shoes pull everything together (pants, shirt, and watch).

Resisting looking at my Shoes.

The grey drawstring of the pants pulls the polka dots on the inside of my sleeves.

Exits that Way

I had a great time during this shoot to be honest. It’s all about good company and enjoying the journey. I hope you all are loving yours as well. I’ve got an interesting switch-up coming next week…See you then!

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