Guess We Have to Embrace this “Summer” Weather.

Yeah, so I know I said my next shoot would be sunny. Technically, since I didn’t even do one this week I haven’t lied to any of you. I honestly would have felt bad if I uploaded a sunny picture. After you read this you would look back outside and BAM! clouds. I’ve spared you that brief depression. You’re welcome.

Didn’t Lie Tho.

Okay, Clothes. So in both of these shoots I’m dressing down formal pieces. I mean, WAY down. Both outfits at their core are sweats with a coat or a dress shirt.

I’m never this serious…its all a lie.

Some people have told me that I overthink things…after some thought, I DON’T THINK SO. I believe everything makes sense. Just ask a good question. So how can we pull some dusty sweats out, throw on a flashy dress shirt, and it all come together? Why does it work? Honestly its really easy…it hit me as I was typing this.

Thinking makes us human…overthinking makes us…?

Number 1. FIT, My base (refer to my first post to define base) in both outfits mirror the structure and fit of formal wear. This way, if the color is rich enough, (you don’t want any faded colors…it may cheapen the look which wouldn’t pair with your formal wear very well) it doesn’t even look like we’re bummin’. Oh, but we TOTALLY are, and we love it.

Number 2. TEXTURE, Take a look at my grey sweats. The texture is called tweed. There are tons of different types with different texture patterns, but all you need to know is texture makes pieces look classier than their texture-less counterparts. I mean, just look at the black pair of sweats vs. the grey pair…Which looks more expensive?

Dancing While I’m Supposed to be Still.

For everyone that has checked out my previous posts and given me feedback/love, I greatly appreciate you! I’m really excited for my next two shoots…got some interesting ideas for y’all!

Das it.

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