Different Vibe, Same Concept.

This was the second shoot I did with one of my good friends Khang. There was one thing that really stood out about the entire experience. As much as I wanted to give off the serious “datz a model right dere” look, when we were kicking it, my smile kicked in the door. I guess that’s what happens when you work with a friend.

That sky tho! I looked outside and had to bring my spring/summer wardrobe out. Most of my closet is geared for winter so it took me a while to find a pair of spring shoes (Seattle’s weather is unforgiving to whites and creams). But since we had some sun I had to pick up these shoes from TAFT. They scream “yeah the sun is out, so am I”.

When I was putting this fit together I hesitated mixing polka dots and stripes, then I realized that cuffing the pants stops the outfit from looking too chaotic. So if anyone is looking to expand their pattern play, try to break up the patterns with a neutral (in this case it was my ankle). It isn’t a MUST, but it definitely makes the outfit easier to work with.

Anyways, monochromatic stuff. Even though this outfit feels and looks completely different than my first post, I followed those same loose guidelines. I have an odd number of pieces (peep the belt). I’m basically rocking all navy blue and my accent color (basically my statement) is tan hat and belt. The tan totally gives the outfit a voice.

Which outfit do ya’ll like best? Anything I shoulda touched on? Lemme know, Much love!

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