So, Monochromatic Outfits are Always Poppin’.

So, here I was really channeling my Black Panther Vibes. I love the costumes in the film. If you remember when T’Challa wasn’t in armor, then that’s the look I’m going for here. Slim fit, monochromatic with one statement piece. In this case that piece is called Batik, a traditional Indonesian/Malaysian, suit of sorts. The one I’m wearing is Malaysian.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve almost always had an interest in statement pieces. When I go through my closet, I have to remind myself that its okay to own a basic T-Shirt (Actually its a must, be better than me) but what is a statement piece? What is an easy way to wear one? Let me paint the picture.

When some people go shopping they see that one jacket, scarf, or pair of shoes that screams their name. It’s that feeling that you’ve struck gold right? Then you’re hit with reality, you have no idea how to spend the gold, it would sit in your safe and deteriorate. In plain English, you ask yourself: But what could I even wear this with? The answer?

Almost Anything.

Without a supporting cast, a statement piece is bound to look chaotic. Whenever I work with a statement piece, I default to a uniform color (monochrome) to support it. In the picture above I was having a hard time incorporating the parka (above) and batik into my wardrobe (its just crazy colorful) so I threw on a pair of joggers, a long line Tee, and some Chuck Taylors, all black. Since most of my statement pieces are Bombers, Overcoats, Jackets, or Robes, I call whatever my Pants, Shirt, and Shoes are, the “Base”. I have a couple loose guidelines I follow when I wear a monochromatic outfit.

  1. A General Recommendation: Dress in odd numbers. I don’t know what it does to the eye, but odd numbers tend to have a stronger aesthetic impact. Pants, a shirt, and a jacket will almost always look better than simply pants and a shirt. Shoes don’t count by the way… we all have to wear those, PLEASE wear those.
  2. And More Specifically: With a neutral, monochromatic base, you can use almost any color top. In my book neutral bases include Black, White, Gray, Earthy Greens and Browns. With a Vibrant base I recommend playing with a neutral statement piece (you can get colorful with it, but it is really difficult to pull without some practice).

I’ll continue to upload examples and explain the logic behind them to give ya’ll a good idea of how to play with monochromatic outfits, but I’d love to hear if you thought this was helpful or not. Throw a comment below, or just email ya boy. This is my first post so I’m really interested in constructive criticism and feedback! Much love!

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